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Your symptoms may present as frustration, anger, damaged relationships, lack of sleep or something else.

 You may be making choices or behaving in ways you regret later. Perhaps you are declining invitations or avoiding things that you used to enjoy. 

You may be repeating unwanted habits or letting yourself or others down. 

Or, you just wish life could be different in some important way. 

I take a collaborative approach to treat anxiety and other common conditions including depression, grief and trauma.


Hi, I’m Michelle Owens, Spring Hill psychologist

When you have anxiety and depression, you still enjoy moments of happiness, but mostly find yourself barely coping with day-to-day life. You may hide it well, but showing a ‘switched on’ face to the world is exhausting. 

There’s two important things you should know: 

  1. it’s incredibly common — you are not alone 
  2. it’s highly treatable — I am here to help you

From my practice in Spring Hill, I offer professional, compassionate and client-led treatments aimed to help you overcome trauma, better deal with difficult thoughts and feelings, and improve your relationships. 

“If you are feeling helpless about your inability to overcome anxiety or distress, I can help.”

Michelle Owens, Spring Hill Psychologist

My approach​

You’ll have an expert guide and facilitator by your side, teaching you new coping skills and helping you gain confidence in your decision making. 

Your chances of feeling yourself again start with knowing that someone can help you through this very human experience. If you’re willing and ready to do the necessary self-work, together we can make a lasting change in your life. 

During treatment, some days you’ll feel like a million dollars; on other days you’ll struggle. Hang in there, with assistance, therapy can be rewarding. 

My fee is $240 for a 50-minute session, and you may be entitled to rebates from Medicare.

Fee Structure

A clinical psychologist has the experience and skill to guide you through a proven process for change, giving you a better chance for life-changing outcomes.

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